November 11, 2013

Faces of Super Typhoon Yolanda's Aftermath

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Mr. Angel L. De Leon, Jr.

The November 8, 2013 Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc in the Philippines leaving the country and people dazed, ravaged and some in a state of disbelief. In Northern Iloilo specifically the towns of Estancia, Carles, Concepcion and the nearby municipalities and in some Nothern towns of Antique Province, no words can describe the destruction and horrible experiences the victims have gone through. It would surely leave one wounded for a long time and for others, nightmares would be a continuing occurrence. Yolanda’s wrath of unprecedented heavy rains and strong winds left people dead and some wounded, properties destroyed and infrastructures smashed. The TSKI’s personnel and clients were not spared. We received reports that many of our clients’ and staff’ houses were completely destroyed and their source of livelihood taken away from them. Our clients whose daily sustenance is solely dependent in their micro-business are in a state of despair not knowing what to do, what to expect and how to continue living. Their difficult situation prior to the typhoon was made even more terrible because of the Yolanda . With their houses and livelihood reduced to pieces, our clients are now shouting for help, seeking refuge and scampering for any stray of hope.Amidst this adversity, Taytay sa Kausawagan Inc., one with the members of the Board of Trustees, Officers and staff will once again answer the challenge at hand. The organization has started to distribute food packs to the victims. The members of the board of trustees has approved cash assistance to the staff. Efforts of help are underway to reach other victims. Needless to say, this is going to be a tall task but surely not insurmountable. Rebuilding clients’ lives will be arduous but nonetheless inspiring. Hence, we call on all our officers and staff not to waver during this test. We call on our funders, benefactors, friends and the Good Samaritan out there to again join our efforts in lifting the plight of the poor. Your donations and contributions will go a long way. Let us all be united, one in spirit and faith always relying on our God to deliver us from this adversity.To all people of TSKI, let us always be reminded of our 2013 organization’s theme “Stronger…bolder..” Be strong to withstand this trial. Be bold to declare that we can rise up from the rubbles of Yolanda. We have proven time and again our resolve to help the poor. This time we will prove once again that TSKI will be there "to be the bridge of our poor people not only from poverty but also from CALAMITY to PROGRESS"

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