September 4, 2015

Fire Prevention Orientation and Earthquake Drill

TSKI Corp. Hall conducted its Fire Prevention Orientation and Fire and Earthquake Drill last September 4, 2015. It was attended by FO1 Cuevas, FO3 Selorio, TSKI Executive Director Angelo B. Solarte, Divisions Heads and Department Heads. The Fire Officers gave an orientation on how to prevent and avoid the occurrence of fire. Mr. Ebenezer Delariman (Fire Chief of TSKI) introduced the two Fire Officers from Pavia Fire Station. FO1 Cuevas gave lectures on chemistry and behavior of fire. He gave more information on the classes of fire, stages of fire, how the heat transfers, phases of firefighting and measures. After the long discussions, different questions were being thrown to them. They also taught the staffs on how to use the fire extinguisher and gave instructions on how to report when fire occurs. After the session, all staff participated in the fire and earthquake drill. They also performed how to stop the fire using the fire extinguisher and had each representative from all departments demonstrate the procedure. Through this orientation all staff who attended the training learned a lot of information on how to act and handle emergency situation especially during fire and earthquake.

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