September 27, 2014

TSKI's 1st Family Day

In connection with the upcoming 28th anniversary celebration of Taytay Sa Kauswagan Inc. (TSKI) with the theme 'God will Sustain Us, TSKI head office had its first family day activity last September 27, 2014. It is a one day event with different activities, participated by eleven departments namely: Human Resource Development, Administrative, Information Technology, Operations, RPID, CED, MSI-BDS, FIDA, Internal Audit, Finance and Accounting Department. The activity contest includes, Cultural dance, Cheers and Yells, Binalaybay, Family Dance, Voice of the family, Little kids can duet , Poster making, Family shoot out, Family sack race, Mini me, and Family fashion show. This event strengthens the family ties of the TSKI employees . This is also an opportunity for neophyte staff to shine and showcase their hidden talents through the different contest category . Through the activity, unity and teamwork in each department was enriched.Each department has a designated color representing their team, Orange for the HR, Yellow for the Admin, Pink for the IT , white for the operations, Black for RPID, Brown for CED, Green for MSI-BDS, gray for FIDA, Red for Internal Audit, Violet for Finance and Blue for Accounting. Another set of contest was 'Lin- ay' sang TSKI which symbolizes the young women of this generation, that represents her team.An online voting through face book likes, is part of the criteria for judging. The event started off with a foot parade from the National highway of Baranggay Mali-ao, Pavia going to TSKI Head Office. Present as well during the event are the families and friends of the employees that added color to the activity. Cultural dance contest followed, presented by each department, and the earsplitting cheers and yells which heightened the energy. A Praise and worship headed by the TSKI praise and worship team signaled the start of the Programs second part which is the Binalaybay contest and presentation of "Lin-ay" sang TSKI. In between presentations, TSKI's Board of Trustees, spearheaded by its Chairman Angel L. De Leon, Jr. and Executive DirectorAngelo B. Solarte drew out winners of KEFI raffle, with a 40 consolation prizes amounting to Five thousand pesos (5,000.00), 3rd prize amounting to Php 20,000.00, 2nd prize of Php 40,000.00 and a grand prize of Php 60,000.00.Flordelina Linog of San Isidro Bislig City won the grand prize worth Php 60,000.00 the second prize goes to Chrischelle Naval of San Isidro Bay and the third prize goes to Venancio Solija of Bohol.Games for family such as sack race and shoot out ended the morning event. In the afternoon contests for poster making, voice of the family, Mini me, family dance, family fashion show, and little kids can duet, were enjoyed by everybody.
After the performance of each department in the different category of contest, a Eucharistic celebration followed, officiated by Mon.Sr. Maurillo Silva. After the mass, Congressman Pablo R. Nava, III gave his inspirational message.The Awarding of Winners and coronation of "Lin ay" sang TSKI ended the whole day event. For the Cultural Dance Contest, Operation Division won the 1st place, 2nd is the Admin Department and third the IT Department.Accounting Department garnered the 1st place in Cheers and yells, 1st place in Binalaybay contest was FIDA Department, office of the ED Division won the 1st place in Voice of the family contest, Management Services Division won the 1st place in mini me, operation division won the 1st place in 3 categories of contest the little kids can duet, family dance and family fashion show while Audit Department won the 1st place in Poster Making Contest. Representative from Admin Department hooked the crown for "Lin-ay" sang TSKI while Miss Photogenic and People Choice Awards was won by the MSI-BDS and Audit Department.Over all Operations Division was the champion during the event.

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