September 2016

TSKI at 30 Behind the Scenes

TSKI 30th Anniversary is so far the biggest and most memorable event of the year 2016. For the staff and clients, it is indeed a grandious and most awaited event. It was indeed very exhausting but everything paid off on the day of the event itself. Although there were some minor bumps along the way, all went well until the end. But before everything came into place, the management’s preparation was not like any usual activities, they intricately spent hours in planning and conceptualizing until everything was materialized. Even if everybody was beating the deadlines for their own deliverables, every committee did not mind the exhaustion and proceeded with every task with a heart passionate to work to make the event happen. The committee was headed by Mr. Reynaldo Ambao, Director for MSI-BDS, and all HO Department Heads, Regional Managers and Directors took part as heads in each different committee. Everyone worked hand in hand with excitement to celebrate another year of success and it is truly God’s blessing that TSKI is given another year to continue the venture and inspire more people.

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