Individual Loan ( OKEY LOAN )

Is designed for financing of additional working capital or acquisition of fixed assets for business use.

Group Loan ( PKK LOAN )

A Center-Based Solidarity Loan concept covering 20-45 clients in a particular center.

➤ Micro Housing

provide assistance to its clients and staff for the construction, acquisition and renovation or improvements of their houses

➤ Emergency Loan

an incentive loans given to 3rd cycle and above. An add-on with the business capitalization just in case capital inputs had decreased due to calamity. This can also be used in emergency cases like fires, calamities, sickness in the family and other related emergency cases subject to assessment of TSKI personnel. Cost of this is very minimal and process of disbursement is simple and short.

➤ Education Loan

enables clients to avail loans intended for the payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees of their children

➤ Wash Loan

Provide loans for the construction, rehabilitation and improvement of water system, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Business Development Services

Provided to clients who wants to put up a new business, and also to the existing ones who wanted to further develop or strengthen their business/s.

Business Consultancy

provided to clients who want to put up a new business, and also to existing ones who wants to further develop or strengthen their business.


A service provided to MSMEs as an aid to their Business Development

Toll Packaging

assistance to develop the client’s product

Label Design and Printing

provided to clients to further develop the label design of their product (not yet finished)

Community Enterprise Development

Social Preparation

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Community Organizing

Community Development Planning

refers to the conscious effort of pursuing a definitive course or pattern of development to promote positive changes or improvement in the community and the society as a whole.

Enterprise Development

"is the result of a process in which the community acts entrepreneurially, to create and operate a new enterprise embedded in its existing social structure.


Values Formation

A Transformational Program is being implemented all over the organization to regularly promote the adherence to the core values and the principles of being a Christian development organization.

Skills / Livelihood

The participants range from 150-300 clients. There are 5-10 courses in the summit like food processing, handicrafts making, etc. This is an avenue for the clients to learn new livelihood skills for possible diversification of their sources of income. This is also an opportunity to network with other client producers and develop market linkages from among themselves.

Financial Literacy

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Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Leadership Training

Entrepreneural Training

Supervisory & Management Training

Team Building

Strategic Management Training

Farmers Integrated Development Assistance

FIDA is the program innovated by TSKI to address the situation of the poor and marginalized agrarian reform rural farmers, with a farm lot of 0.5 to 2 hectares, who doesn’t have access to formal financial services and post harvest facilities.

Micro Agri Loan

Institutional Development

Post Harvest Facilities

Product Development


Allied Services


Health Insurance