Analyn Relevante

“Beyond Awards and Recognition”

Alabel is a town in the province of Sarangani which can be reached after thirty minutes of travel from General Santos City. It is also the place where the provincial capitol of Sarangani province stands, the center of business in the newly established province. “I want my business to succeed para makatulong,” desires Analyn Relevante, 43 years old of Alabel, Sarangani Province. Analyn assumed the responsibility of a father and mother to her 4 siblings at an early age after their parents’ separation. She used to cook food to sell them in the neighborhood to feed her siblings. Analyn also did pedicure and raised hogs for additional income. When she got married and was blessed with two children, Analyn still continued what she did before because she wanted to be help of to her husband. Later in 2005, Analyn began AVON selling products. The business was performing well so she decided to open a kiosk in 2008 to easily respond to the costumers’ needs. But after a year her kiosk was ransacked leaving her with nothing. The people who owed her a huge amount of money did not pay back too. It was a distressing time for Analyn since her husband did not give her any support for her business. Her dealer-supervisor encouraged her to join TSKI and avail a loan for business capital. With the desire to regain her bearings and help other people, Analyn did not have a second thought in availing a loan. She joined TSKI in 2012. Her business was really performing well. She was able to have a display center at the town market and employ three people aside from her AVON down lines. However after a year it was again ransacked. More than one hundred thousand pesos worth of goods were stolen. But she was very thankful to the Lord because this time, not all of her stocks were taken, leaving some to upstart the business anew. The loan she had availed from TSKI was indeed a blessing because she was able to expand the business and employ more people. Also, when her child reached college her husband started to support her business. “God is good all the time…Kung wala si God wala akong kapasidad na magawa ang lahat ng ito.” Analyn dreams of having her children earn a college degree because she did not realize her own dream of college study on account of poverty. She is truly happy because her older child graduated this year while the younger one is now in his 2nd year in college. “Maganda ang nakakatulong sa kapwa.” Analyn shares her blessings with her dealers and every Sunday she distributes giveaways to them. Currently she is in her 10th cycle with the OKEY Loan with a loan Program amounting to Seventy Four Thousand Pesos. With this a kiosk was added for her food vending business.

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