Angelina Conson

“Devoted to Serve; Blessed to Live”

“Life is just passing through; we should do good so that we could experience what heaven really feels like while we are still on earth… blessings are meant to be shared and doing good to others is important.” For a business minded woman with a bountiful heart, helping others especially in times of need is very important. Being loyal and sincere to what you do is to be rewarded by the Lord with blessings more than what you give to your neighbors. This depicts the story of Angelina Conson. Angelina Conson is a 51 year old client of Taytay sa Kauswagan Incorporated. She is married to an incumbent Barangay Captain in Clarin, Bohol and they have two children. After marriage, Angelina used the money given to her by their respective families to start a small sari-sari store business. At the time her husband was a Barangay Kagawad. She really was resolute in her plan to pursue the business despite the fact that her husband was earning as a government official because she wanted to be prepared for her future children. She was also inspired by some of her friends who showed their support for her by letting her borrow some money to be used as extra capital. Years later, her little savings ran out because of the involvement of her husband in politics. They spent a lot for the campaign. Many of their neighbors even turned their backs on them making up derogatory stories about them. Also, one of their family friends became their enemy after losing the election for the position of Barangay Captain which her husband won. The clash branched into filing of suits regarding land disputes. Her business suffered because she lost a part of her capital also because of the existence of stiff competition in their locality. Many of her customers also fail to pay their debts on time. Determined to continue her business, Angelina applied for a loan in TSKI last 2006 to be utilized as additional capital to revive her sari-sari store. Her business then improved and she was able to help her family especially her parents in terms of their medications. They were able to build a house because of their savings and send their two children to college. She is not only concerned with the needs of her family but she extends the blessings she receives to her neighbors. She provides them job opportunities by hiring them as helpers. She is always ready to lend them assistance of any kind. So far, they don’t want to further expand the operations of their business because they are busy with the engagement of her husband in politics as Brgy. Captain. She always keeps in mind that whatever happens and despite the challenges and difficulties they are facing, she will continue to help others in return for the unending graces the Lord has showered upon her.

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